Nau mai, haere mai

Due to funding constraints we will be operating on limited capacity for the remainder of 2021. This may result in rescheduling or cancellation of some school bookings. We ask for your patience and understanding as we do the best we can to provide memorable freshwater learning experiences for your students.

Welcome to Taupō for Tomorrow, where the outdoors is our classroom to learn about freshwater, sustainability and social challenges.

We offer:

  • learning outside the classroom

  • hands-on activities

  • a chance to follow up student inquiry

  • learning from industry professionals

  • programmes linked to the New Zealand curriculum

Banded whio - image by Stephanie Kerrisk

Image by Stephanie Kerrisk

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Speech marks
The guide...engaged firstly in te reo Maori which automatically gained respect and interest in her, her teachings and her knowledge Her patience understanding and passion about her mahi kept our tamariki engaged throughout the whole experience
Speech marks
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