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Taupō for Tomorrow was established in 2003 as a collaboration between Genesis Energy, the Department of Conservation, and the Tongariro National Trout Centre. As of 2021, Genesis Energy has stepped back from the programme and the programme is moving to being managed by the Trout Centre Society for 2022.


Initially developed in response to the UN decade for 'sustainable development', the programme offered education around sustainable use of freshwater resources.

The UN decade has ticked over, but we continue - sustainability is for the long term!

  • freshwater education


  • hands-on engaging programmes

  • experiences tailored to inquiry-based learning

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The students were able to ask lots of questions and were able to be a part of gathering invertebrates, feeding trout and lots of things they have never done before! Also being able to see the trout in the hatchery and Whio was an amazing experience for them to have and be able to add to their learning.
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