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Check, Clean, Dry

Fast Facts
  • Freshwater pests, like Didymo, can cause damage to our roto and awa (lakes and rivers). They might:

    • smother the waterway

    • reduce habitat

    • compete with native plants and animals

    • make water unsafe to drink

    • look bad

    • or have a number of other impacts

  • It's difficult to control living things once they are released into a lake or river, it's much better to prevent them getting in to begin with!

  • 'Check, Clean, Dry' is the way that we make sure we don't spread nasty stuff between waterways

  • How to Check, Clean, Dry:

    • Check!
      Remove any plant matter from your gear and leave it at the site (the river or lake bank), or put it in the rubbish. Don't wash plant material down any drain.​

    • Clean!
      Make a solution with 5% dishwashing detergent or nappy cleaner then soak or spray all surfaces for one minute

    • Dry! 
      Ensure your gear is completely dry to touch, inside and out, then leave dry for at least another 48 hours before you use it (didymo can survive for months on moist gear).

Check, Clean, Dry protect waterways

Thanks to MPI & Environment Canterbury

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