Educational Tour

A tour through the Tongariro National Trout Centre with an educator, including:

  • TNTC museum of angling history

  • Genesis Energy Freshwater Aquarium

  • Close up encounters with wild trout in the Waihukahuka Stream

  • Feeding trout

  • Viewing the endangered whio (blue duck) - season dependent

All tours focus on freshwater and sustainability issues, but can be tailored to the following ideas (and more!)

  • A healthy river (what makes a healthy river, how do we tell)

  • Everything is connected (food webs, actions and consequences)

  • Striking the balance (critical thinking around the uses of waterways)

  • River at risk (threats to river ecosystems, actions for recovery)

  • Endangered species

    • Whio (blue duck)

    • Whitebait species

    • Tuna (longfin eel) 

Note: The tour is free if you choose not to enter the museum and aquarium, please see the cost page for more details.

Please contact us to discuss your options