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What is LEARNZ?

LEARNZ, powered by CORE Education, provides free 'virtual field trips' where students can meet experts and experience learning contexts that may be otherwise difficult to access.


Imagine rafting the Tongariro River, visiting native fish, speaking to a Fisheries scientist and joining other students in a restoration planting - all from your classroom. Virtual field trips allow students to learn from experts, experience interesting adventures, and most importantly, spark inquiry about a particular topic.

LEARNZ virtual field trips are multi-faceted, assisting New Zealand teachers to provide online experiences for their students that are

  • authentic

  • interesting

  • relevant

  • flexible

  • safe

  • 21st century

Taupō for Tomorrow & LEARNZ

In 2018 Taupō for Tomorrow signed up to run a virtual field trip around the concept of freshwater sustainability, or 'te mana o te wai'. Schools that signed up investigated the 'secret life' that lives in our waterways, learned the science behind Taupō Trout Fishery, and questioned how to 'strike a balance' with our natural resources.

Teachers and students can access these resources, for free, in perpetuity; see an introduction here, or browse the videos below for content to inspire inquiry.

Bringing tuna (eels) back
Restoring awa
Different values for wai