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Freshwater subject summaries

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Image of hatchery

Virtual tour of Tongariro National Trout Centre

  • Watch videos, answer questions, and follow suggestions for further learning

  • Great as a follow-up to a physical visit, or for teachers to gather ideas

  • Links to many other resources

Part of stormwater Padlet


  • What is stormwater? Compares what happens to rain in urban vs forested areas

  • Include pictures, explanations, and related activities

Part of Kakahi Padlet


  • All about freshwater mussels​

  • Background information, lesson ideas, articles & audiovisual prompts

Part of river food web

Tongariro River Food Web

  • An example of a river food web

  • Printable pictures to build the web with students

  • Questions to spark discussion

Trout stripping


  • Learn the history and function of the Tongariro National Trout Centre hatchery

  • Complete with videos, explanations and example questions

Tuna padlet

Tuna kuwharuwharu / NZ longfin eel

  • All about our taonga longfin eel

  • Background information, vocabulary, lesson ideas, articles, and audiovisual aids

Lake Taupo food web

Lake Taupō food web

  • Fairly comprehensive food web of Lake Taupō

  • Printable pictures for classroom activities

  • Questions to prompt discussion

Definition of Amphidromy

NZ Native Migratory Fish

  • What native fish are migratory?

  • Vocabulary

  • Videos, resources and background information

  • Still under construction but with plenty to start with!

Algae padlet

Pūkohu wai/Algae

  • Learn what algae are, where they are found, their importance, and what can go wrong.

  • Local context for Taupo algal blooms, but relevent to freshwater algae around the country

  • Good background information for kaiako/teachers or older students

Koura diagram


  • All about freshwater crayfish (focused on North Island species, but relevant to SI as well)​

  • Background information, vocabulary, lesson ideas, articles, and audiovisual aids

Part of Pest-fish Padlet

Momo rāwaho | Pest fish in Aotearoa

  • Vocabulary, discussion of what a pest is, biosecurity/Check Clean Dry

  • Individual profiles of 8 species of pest fish found in New Zealand, including basic information, articles, audiovisual, and question prompts

Lake rubbish

Plastics and Lake Taupō

  • For when the ocean is just too far away - study plastics in a lake!

  • A guide for inquiry including background information, possible activities, and potential actions for students to take

Trout anatomy diagrams

Trout in Lake Taupō

  • All about rainbow and brown trout including anatomy, diet, and life cycle