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Tuna - longfin eel

Fast Facts
  • Longfin eel are the biggest freshwater eel in the world and are our top freshwater predator.

    • Males grow up to 1m long

    • Females can grow to 2m in length!

  • Are endemic - found no-where else in the world.

  • Like to spend daytime under banks, rocks and logs.

  • Come out at night to feed on insect larvae, snails, fish, koura, dead animals and birds.

Longfin Eels by John Sullivan

Longfin eels by John Sullivan @Flickr

  • Have bad eyesight but an amazing sense of smell. (their nostrils stick out from the end of their nose)  

  • Have small rows of small sharp teeth that point backwards.

  • Have slime that helps them to breed and protects their skin out of water. They produce more slime when stressed and absorb 50% of their oxygen through their skin.

  • Young eels are called elvers and some can climb 40 metre high obstacles.

  • Longfin eels have an amazing lifecycle (click the image to go to a larger version)

Longfn eel lifecycle

​Check out the video below to learn more about tuna, and how Ngāti Hikairo and Genesis Energy are working together to help them.

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